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Myers-Briggs Basics
Thousands of organizations use the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) each year as a tool to identify and strengthen their methods and styles of communication with one another. Organizations that wish to better understand and enhance their effectiveness in the areas of leadership, communication, conflict management, and team dynamics benefit greatly by introducing the MBTI to staff as a tool of organizational culture-shift, not just an interesting one-day team-building workshop that is quickly forgotten in the shadow of the daily grind.

The MBTI starts with a simple, multiple-choice questionnaire (or "inventory") designed to help identify our naturally preferred styles of getting energized, gathering information, making decisions, and orienting ourselves to the world around us. Much of the seemingly random variations in behavior are actually quite orderly and consistent, as it is a result of the different ways individuals prefer to use their perception (information gathering) and judgment (decision making).

To determine the four preferences that make up your personality Type® you will participate in a one-on-one or group session with a certified MBTI administrator. The the questionnaire results are used to supplement to the discovery process. It is the MBTI learning session or "workshop" that makes the theory of type-preference understandable and useful in ourpeople’s lives. 

MBTI Resources
Over the years that I have been an MBTI practitioner, I've collected a lot of material related to the MBTI and personality Type... some of it insightful, some of it funny, most of it shared only with those who participate in my workshops.

This MBTI Central page has information, resources and links to some of the best MBTI materials I've encountered, and more importantly, only those that are consistent with CPP teachings and publications. There's a lot of good information out there, but there's a lot of misguided information out there as well. 

Although, all of the links on this page will take you to pages within this site, other pages on this site may contain external links as well. Any external links I that I use are trusted to represent the theory accurately. However, since sites do change over time, if you feel that one of my links should be reevaluated or you have found other good reference that you think I should include, please let me know!
Follow these links to learn more about the MBTI and Type-theory.

The 16 Types:

The 4 Temperaments:
NF - Idealists
NT - Rationals
SJ - Guardians
SP - Artisans

Type and Family Dynamics