I have been publishing business, management and leadership articles in Parks & Recreation magazine since 2005 as a regular contributor to the monthly column "Playbook” and then authoring my own monthly column, Managing Management, focused on developing emerging managers who are working on-the-job to develop themselves into the business leaders of tomorrow. 

As top rated content, several of these articles have been reprinted -  some in their entirety in other national publications (ASAE’s Dollars & Cents), others quoted by world-wide media (Inc.), referenced in online law libraries (US Legal and v|lex Law Journals), used as policy and training resources by city municipals (MRSC) and agency Program Plans (City of Logan PRD), referenced in university ethics research (Northern Arizona University) and listed as required reading for "student success" (Waldon University).

In July of 2014, the "Managing Management" column transitioned away of Parks & Recreation magazine and can now be read here on MANAGING MANAGEMENT Online. Here you can find all the historical articles as well as fresh content you won't find anywhere else.