So... you've got a little employee situation at work and you're not quite sure what you're supposed to do with it (if anything). 

You really don't want to alert other managers that there even is a problem by asking what they would do...

You definitely don't want to ask your boss. 

You could ask the human resources department - you're sure they'd be happy to help - but you know what they say about HR...

No ... what do they say?
Why don't managers go to HR for guidance, coaching, feedback, help with the paper that got stuck in the copy machine? CLICK HERE for the top reasons why people don't go to human resources and, in some cases, why they shouldn't.

There may be legitimate barriers to getting help from your own HR department (and some of those barriers may be merely perceptions or assumptions), but here you have a safe zone to ask the simplest questions or present complex scenarios with the security of knowing it won't have a negative impact in your workplace. Use the Form below to submit your question and check your inbox or the CARRY ON tab for a reply.